The Great 2018 Paladins Easter Egg Hunt

Thanks for participating in the Great Paladins Easter Egg Hunt 2018! The results are out now!

Easter is coming soon and the Great Paladins Easter Egg Hunt is back for its second round! If you don't know what happened last year, be sure look into the thread. It was amazing. 🎉

Up until Monday the 2nd of April (7 pm UTC) you can find Easter eggs hidden in various places! Until Maundy Thursday new eggs will be stashed successively and secretly by a bunch of people. For example team members, community leaders, and content creators. It wouldn't be bad to keep an eye on social media accounts and paladins-related websites.

Of course, there are also Prizes for the hunters who found the most eggs, including crystals, skins, and fame. Besides, there are also rumors that special prizes will be awarded to players who achieve major deeds first.

Can you find them all?