I have some questions. Where can I ask?

The best place to ask is our Discord (which is also the official PaladinsCounter Discord), or the /r/Paladins Discord.

What do eggs look like?

Eggs can be disguised as anything you can imagine (yes, even unicorns!). Usually, you see an 🥚 next to the stashed eggs. But in the end, they are eggs you can enter on the redeem page (if you are logged in).

How can I find out which eggs I've already found?

Already found eggs/redeemed eggs are marked green in your egg overview.

Are the egg names useful at all?

Most of them are if you can catch the drift. Anyway, not all eggs are listed in the egg overview.

I found a bug, what should I do?

Please keep calm and report it to one of the staff members (with the Egg Hunt Planner role) in our Discord! Those are: manniL#9160, DevilXD#4437, zaop#0003 and CrypticMonk#7472

Who is behind this event?

This event is hosted by the PaladinsCounter team and the moderators of /r/Paladins. The site was developed by Developmint.

Are you related to Hi-Rez Studios?

No! This is a fan project, but the prizes were sponsored by Hi-Rez. Paladins is a trademark of Hi-Rez Studios, Inc. in the United States and other countries.

How can I be sure that my data is safe on your website?

First of all: It's great that you think about the security of your own data! All our passwords are hashed and salted via bcrypt. That means even the maintainers of the site are not able to view your password (as it obviously should be!). However, it is a good practice to use a password that you aren't using for any other service. Another thing: We will not give out data to third parties (like your email)